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Shop Tools
GUNIWHEEL, LLC is the inventor and manufacturer of the original patented line of lightweight universal lug/bolt pattern shop wheels. Simply install GUNIWHEEL to 98% of lug pattern wheel assemblies to safely mount and move vehicles off of lifts and out of repair bays when wheels are out for repair or...
Symach designs and manufactures bodyshop preparation, painting and repair equipment and offers full bodyshop layout design and repair process flow using our Lean SPAP (Symach Paint Application Process) concept. Whether you need a new Paintbooth, prep bay or ideas to improve efficiency and workflow; or planning a shop renovation, extension...
Video Marketing
AutoVideoEngage is a video production app. This tool allows you to easily create professional video and harvest video testimonials from customers. It can also be used to communicate with customers during the repair. Leverage content such as expert tip and brand videos and customer testimonials on social media, Google and...
CSI Programs
TenPoint Complete provides CSI and NPS surveys and reporting. We survey via email, SMS, text and live agent. We also offer contact center business development services such as repair scheduling, lost estimate follow-up, mystery shopping, help desk and more. Let us help drive vehicles to your door!
Advantage provides GPS technology and data mining innovations that empower BHPH dealers and vehicle finance companies to make smarter, faster and more profitable business decisions. Where automotive telematics meets genuine analytics.
Corrosion Protection
The electronic corrosion protection device pulses a current through the vehicle which slows down the natural corrosion process. An invisible shield of electrons is sent throughout the metal of your vehicle. Electronic corrosion protection is environmentally friendly, scientifically tested.