Business Address: 11720 Amber Park Dr. Ste 160

City: Alpharetta Zip Code: 30009

State: GA Country: UNITED STATES

Business Description

GUNIWHEEL, LLC is the inventor and manufacturer of the original patented line of lightweight universal lug/bolt pattern shop wheels. Simply install GUNIWHEEL to 98% of lug pattern wheel assemblies to safely mount and move vehicles off of lifts and out of repair bays when wheels are out for repair or otherwise missing from the vehicle. A safe, stable, and mobile alternative jacks stand and car lifts. U.S. Patent: #D874387 European Patent: #DM/202814 GUNIWHEEL is a revolutionary solution for the collision shop, auto dealership, tire store, vehicle restoration, wheel repair, towing & recovery, long-term storage industries. Ideal for any industry that has tires off of the car. Safely mount vehicles that do not have wheels and tires and move them out of repair bays and to other workstations. Our complete line of wheels fits cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, and heavy-duty vehicles.

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Category: Shop Tools

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